Why We’re Building Nvirovest

We are Nvirovest and hello to you all, our early followers!

Roland Oliver
Roland Oliver – CEO Nvirovest

There’s no doubt the impact investing sector is growing rapidly in both importance and relevance in today’s finance landscape.  

We hear daily from clients who are more concerned about making their money make a difference than ever.

At Nvirovest we will provide an opportunity for investors to align their beliefs and values with their investments.  

Trends such as the climate crisis, economic inequality, gender disparity, racial injustice, poverty, and renewable energy are often centre stage in today’s world. 

The UN has outlined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set to address these issues and more by 2030 – Our investment portfolios will be measured against these goals giving our clients a benchmark on their own positive impact on the planet.

At Nvirovest, our goal is to address the barriers preventing investing with impact, by believing that impact investment can be straightforward, profitable, and integral for building a better, fairer, greener planet for all.  

We are very excited about the journey and hope you’ll join us on it. We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.


Founder and CEO


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