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Partnership Announcement – The Global Returns Project

Introducing our latest charity partnership with The Global Returns Project

Global Returns ProjectAt Nvirovest, we believe that positive impact investing can help individuals to actively influence positive change through their investment, to help create a better world for all. 

In light of Earth Day 2022, we thought it would be an ideal opportunity to introduce our first charity partnership with the Global Returns Project.

Investors are increasingly becoming aware of one simple but serious truth: the Climate Crisis upends the old-fashioned approach to investing. Individuals cannot afford to focus entirely on financial returns without considering environmental effects. By making impact investing easier, Nvirovest helps investors adapt to this new reality.

However, we believe that investment can be taken one step further.  Even the best impact strategies have limits to their environmental effectiveness. That’s why Nvirovest is working with the Global Returns Project to make it easy for its users to think beyond impact alone. The Global Returns Project helps investors make a small annual contribution to climate not-for-profits alongside their other investments.

While climate not-for-profits don’t generate wealth, they do regenerate the planet beyond the capacity of impact investing alone. They therefore protect wealth and offer a critical complement to any investment portfolio. They go beyond sustainability to create a symbiotic relationship between investments and the environment.

For investors, symbiosis is the new sustainability. Today, you can stay ahead of the curve.

More information on the Global Returns Project can be found on their website:


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